Recent Work



Recent Work

Wall hanging Octo - Amphora with Ammonite Embedded Antikythera Mechanism. 28 inches tall.

"One Piece Octo App Plate with Vase";

Thrown and hand-built white stoneware, nine dipped, brushed, and trailed glazes with ash, cone 13 oxidation. 8 inches wide.

“The Long Ride”, 16'“ X 16” X 8”

“The Long Ride” 16” X 16” X 8” Table Sculpture

“Anjisnu II” 17 inches long.

“Anjisnu II”, 17 inches long

Illuminated turtle box, 9 inches wide.

“Tom & Gerry” 11 inches long. Glazing and firing by Jennie Blair.

Marine Dream

One cup “Potion Pot”

"Dottie" 16 inches tall.

"Anjisnu", May be displayed flat or hung on the wall. 17 inches long.



"Melissa", Small Table Turtle, 13 inches long.



Freestanding turtles; 11, 12, and 16 inches long.

"Miss Ocho"

"Gigi" Wall hanging Galapagos Tortoise sculpture 16"X16"X10.

Wall hanging, 23 inches long.

Wall hanging, 23 inches long.

Miniatures and medium size wall sculptures. 6 inches and 20 inches wide.

Free Standing Sea Turtle, 21 inches long

"Jacinto", Wall hanging Galapagos Tortoise, 14 inches wide.

Sideways Series. 11 layered glazes, 21 inches long.

Large Wall Hanging Sea Turtle, 20 inches wide.

Wall Hanging Seahorse Couple. 21 inches long.

"Overfed Ned" and "Underfed Ed" with Kelly, eight years apart.

Lonesome George

21 inches wide

"Blind Red Pinky". A blind glaze test with Red Oak Ash and Himalayan Pink Salt.

Wall hanging vs. tabletop. To 20 inches wide.

Two versions of "Speedy"

Large wall hanging turtle. 20 inches wide.

Shelly and Chippy

"The Teacher"

To touch, or not to touch, that is the question.

Small Full Turtle, 13 inches long.

Small Full Turtle, 13 inches long.

Wall Hanging Galapagos Tortoise, 16 inches wide.